Ham, Cheddar, Za'atar Croissants all wee
Wild day in the shop ~ thank you for you


Saltine Baking Company was founded in 2014 by owner & CEO, Ashley Schmalenberg. With a history of cooking and baking within local restaurants and bakeries, Ashley's vision was formed over time to combine techniques from both sweet & savoury sides of the professional kitchen to form a bakery concept with focus on savoury driven items.

Beginning as a home-based business selling at the local farmers market and to local restaurants, demand grew over time for Saltine bread + pastries. In the fall of 2018, Ashley was able to expand to a brick & mortar storefront with an exceptional team behind her.



All of our breads are hand mixed in small batches using our own fermented sourdough culture, organic Saskatchewan flour, water & Vancouver Island Sea Salt. We believe that time is flavour. All of our products are mixed & fermented between 36 & 48 hours to allow for a tender crumb and balanced flavor profile.



All pastry doughs & their fixings are produced in house by our team.  Everything made by hand, in small batches. Our pastries vary on a regular basis with an emphasis on keeping with the seasons & supporting local purveyors when possible. We work hard to produce many of the indiviual components of our pastries in house -  including spice mixes, mustards, pickles & even some cheeses. All doughs are mixed, laminated & shaped by hand.