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Saltine baking company


Saltine Baking Company was founded in 2014 by owner + CEO Ashley Schmalenberg. While cooking + baking professionally within Saskatchewan, Ashley discovered the art of making sourdough breads. The challenge of baking naturally leavened breads was an inspiring and never-ending pursuit that has carried us as a small business through many iterations - a home-based bakery, farmers market purveyor, restaurant wholesaler and ultimately a retail location since the fall of 2018.


Our bakery was built with the intention of blending a passion for naturally leavened breads + professional cooking techniques while supporting local farmers. The products within our shop are made using organic Saskatchewan grains and as many locally sourced ingredients as possible - Three Farmers Camelina Oil, Kitako Lake Honey, Millers By-Gone Farm eggs, Vancouver Island Sea Salt, Heliotrope Organic Farms vegetables and more.

Our team produces all of our breads + pastries each week with care and intention by hand.  Loaves are hand-mixed & shaped daily with a cold fermentation overnight before baking to produce a more flavourful and easily digestible loaf. We produce nearly all of our fillings for pastries from scratch - including preserves & pickles, ricotta, vegetable fillings and more. Much of our summer is spent bulk purchasing and preserving local produce from farmers to carry us through the winter months. 

Ultimately we hope that our care and intention comes through in our baking by providing our community delicious products. This pursuit continues to be never-ending as we strive to better ourselves daily in everything we do.

Thank you for being here.

Ashley, Angela & team.

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