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holiday offerings

holiday trays, charcuterie packs + more are available for preorder now!



a mix of sweet + savoury cookies and crackers

serves 6-8 people 


Trays include: Fruit + Nut Crackers , Einkorn Shortbread, Black Garlic Parmesan Twists, Shallot + Apricot Jam Turnovers, Spiced Ginger Cookies, Fennel Spiced Cookies, Cheddar Ranch Crackers



  • Prairie Cherry Preserves                             $8           (made in house using Over The Hill                   Orchards prairie cherries, organic sugar,                  vanilla + sea salt)

  • House-made Pate                                     $10           (peregrine farms chicken liver                                     + pig & pantry bacon bacon)  

  • Prairie Sunset Cheese                                              by Coteau Hills Creamery                         $10      (semi-soft red pepper cheese - 150g wedge)

  • Charcuterie Pack                                      $10           by Pig & Pantry Butcher Shop                                (includes 100g roasted garlic salami +                 100g mushroom cheddar pepperoni sticks) 



  • Call the bakery directly Monday-Saturday. 3065251527

  • If our team misses your call please leave a message with your name, number + order and we will confirm your order within 24 hours.

  • Orders require credit card information. This is non-negotiable. Your card will not be charged until the pickup date and you are welcome to pay in an alternative way in store.

  • Quantities will be limited in the days leading up to the holiday weekend. Once we've hit a maximum preorder the item will be available on a first come, first serve basis in store.

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